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How to process an order using the DCU Agresso system.

In order to use the DCU Agresso system as a method of payment, you must be able to raise a Purchase Order (PO) on the DCU Agresso system.

If you cannot, please choose one of our alternate method of payment.

We have provided a detailed tutorial below on how you can process your order using our website and the DCU Agresso system.

  • Once you place the order an email is sent to you with the order details. A ‘Thank you’ page will also display in your browser where a link to your invoice is available. Click on this link to display your personal invoice, from which you can use to generate your Purchase Order (PO) on the DCU Agresso system. Our DCU Agresso supplier number is 15080. Please note that any orders placed at this stage will not be processed until the next step is carried out.

    • Once you have generated your PO on the Agresso system and saved the PO in a pdf format, proceed to clicking on the button link “Process  Invoice” seen on the top right of your invoice on screen. A pop-up now displays allowing you to input details relevant to your PO which you have just generated on the Agresso System. Once these details are submitted and are appropriate your order will be processed.

  • You will receive and email once your order is ready for collection.
  • Your PO will be sent to DCU finance office for payment, where you will be requested to accept the DCU Agresso  PO you generated once you were satisfied with the service you received from us.